Comfort Zone Massage & Aromatherapy Services
Comfort Zone Massage & Aromatherapy Services

Boost Your Wellness With Massage and Aromatherapy Services

What would your life be like if you knew how to…

  • Make more time to take better care of yourself and still take good care of your loved one?
  • Make the time for yourself count for lifting your daily outlook to increased energy?
  • Get better sleep?
  • Develop stronger relationships?
  • Gain more confidence?
  • Gain better productivity?

Chaos to Clarity has solutions for you!

Ask yourself…

  • What is stopping you from loving self care?
  • What are the top frustrations you face that exhaust you?

Here’s exactly what YOU will get from the Chaos to Clarity program…

  • Learn ten tools to take the anxiety and turn it into positive energy that strengthens YOU
  • Position your role into greater value for your loved one and others.
  • Turn your back bending service into passionate, exciting service
  • Create a customized personal step-by-step plan to add self-care into your personal calendar

Together, we can make a difference in YOUR health and wellness. Imagine it.

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I have severe pain in my left ankle due to a car accident that shattered my ankle 20 years ago. I was working out at Curves and having a difficult time because of the pain.” My friend “came over and gave me one drop of Lemongrass essential oil to rub on my ankle, and by the time I had my sock and shoe back on, it felt much better. 100% better. I ordered my own little bottle of Lemongrass and I use it faithfully. I have even introduced it to several others that have had problems in their knees, ankles & shoulders.


Veronika K, Signal Hill, CA

I have a work associate who was getting married and was very nervous. I gave her a bottle of Peace and Calming® and she used it for about three months to keep herself calm. The big day arrived and she even put Peace and Calming® on a cotton ball and placed it in the center of her bouquet. Every time she felt nervous, she would smell her bouquet. Thanks to Peace and Calming® the day went very smoothly.


Mary E. H., Bixby Knolls, CA

I suffered from asthma for years and used a steroid inhaler to help me relieve the pain in the chest and difficulty breathing. Then, I discovered essential oil of peppermint and was able to experience genuine deep breathing and relief of pain and anxiety. I have been asthma symptom free for over fifteen years. I also learned it has many healing uses as a universal essential oil.


Janie B, Long Beach, CA

I used to get sick every time I flew. I was so frustrated. Then, I learned about Thieves spray. I spray it on my hands, rub them together and smell it before, during and after each flight, and have not been sick from the stale, smelly air from flying for years. This product is priceless.”


Janie B, Long Beach, CA

I was sick vomiting ALL day. I’d been to the doctor and he wouldn’t give me anything for relief. I called my neighbor and asked if she could help me. She recommended I try Di-Gize, Patchouly and peppermint. I put a drop of Patchouly on my belly and got relief within 20 minutes and slept all night. I was able to return to work the next morning.


Surama, Long Beach, CA

Last night after work the right side of my neck and throat were hurting me, so I took the essential oil blend I had, that Christmas Spirit, and massaged it in both sides of my neck and drank some lemon tea. Within fifteen minutes, I was fast asleep and woke up feeling much better today. Thanks.


M Lawrence, Long Beach, CA

I had the pleasure of attending a Rain Drop Presentation and training on February 20, 2016 that was hosted and taught by Janie Becker. Janie’s knowledge and sharing of the Young Living oils was extraordinary. All present felt her loving energy and enthusiasm. I felt blessed to be a part of it.


D. Campbell, Long Beach, CA

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