Janie Becker, CMT
(562) 728-8178


Essential Oil 101—2 hours—$10 per person
Learn aromatherapy basics: uses, benefits,
testimonials, hands on sampling


Aromatherapy– 1 hour- $5 per person
Learn tips, stories, references, sources, research


Hormonal Balance—2 hours—$10 per person
Essential Oils and Supplements to maintain
balance and longevity; improve immune system;
prevent toxicity and minimize symptoms of imbalances

RAINDROP technique—5 hours—$125 each
Learn theory, hands on application of essential oils,
vitaflex technique, receive technique


Water * Healthy Choices—1 hour—$5 each
20 questions about hydration options; sources
and organizations to share; recycle


Animal Partners—2 hours—$10 per person
Caring for Pets with essential oils, handouts


Ningxia Red Juice Infusion—1 hr -$5 per person
Immune system, testimonials about vision, BP, etc.


Body Health-Home Health —2 hrs—$10 per
Skin Care-ART; oral care; foot reflexology using
essential oils; protect body from toxins, virus,
fungus, molds; protect garden and home


Travel Safe w/ essential oils—1 hr—$5 each
Air, train, bus, car, RV methods to maintain
safety and healthy families, home remedies

Specialty designed workshops available based on needs you and your group identify.

Call Janie Becker, CMT, to discover which workshop will best serve your group. (562) 728-8178

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