Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the Chaos to Clarity program take?

A. There are three options, the timeframes vary with each option, so we suggest you contact Janie to schedule your complementary (free) 30 minute discovery session to review your wellness questionnaire to discover the most important brain health issues that you need to address initially. Many other issues will be resolved as you address the most important issues.


Q. How soon will I experience change?

A.  So many factors are involved with caregivers releasing the chronic issues in layers. Some participants reported significant changes after the first week, others experienced change in three to four weeks. You will complete a weekly summary of ‘findings’ each week and your practitioner will call you midweek to check in on your progress.


Q. After I complete the Chaos to Clarity program, may I purchase additional programs?

A.  Yes, refer to the Programs page to see options available. Additional and complementary programs are available.  Watch for upcoming teleseminars, newsletters, and resources. You can write to Janie at [email protected] and let her know what areas interest you most. We also appreciate your referrals and will soon set up an affiliate program for you to refer your people.