About US

Janie’s purpose is to encourage caregivers to be and do their best despite obstacles, distractions and crazy chaos. Known as the Encourager, Janie gives valuable solutions, relevant information and resources. Her passionate advocacy for empowering caregivers demonstrates sincere dedication to those who are ready for an easy step-by-step process to discover simple ways to care for themselves.


One pain management therapist with a heavy schedule and little time for herself used the BrainTEK technique for four weeks and reported 40% increase in productivity. You can check out our PRAISES page for improving your currently chaotic lifestyle using our programs to create a better feeling of calm.


longevity-sisters-proJanie Becker, CMT, & Mary Jo Rowe, BSBA Organization, Management, AA, Cosmetology are the Sisters and friends who travel together, volunteer in their community and help people wherever they go. They are currently volunteering for the Anaheim Relay for Life. They have gained vast medical knowledge, techniques and innovations while caring for their Mother, Dorothy Jane Williams Becker, for many years as the debilitating olivopontocerebellar degeneration progressed from tremors into paraplegia and constant care needs. Their Sister, Sue, was an integral part of all the daily care and attention for their Mother. Several doctors said this care helped prolong Dorothy’s quality of life and longevity. For nine years, the three sisters cared extensively for four elders from their 80’s to their 90’s plus [Daddy, Fred; StepMom Irma; Aunt Ardy and her husband, Dusty]. Someday they’ll write their caregiving story.


They are interested in hearing your story and helping you find the calm and confidence to ensure your own self-care success.


The mission is to help elder caregivers’ balance their life, through body and brain balance techniques and strategies. The goals include providing information, ideas, resources and community connections for caregivers to take their life from CHAOS to CLARITY using Boost your Brain to Brilliance training, workshops, services and a customized four week system using sound therapy to get calm and control.